Zerosei was born from highly qualified professionals in various sectors, but united by a single purpose: to give the best service at the lowest cost.
We assist our clients in every phase of any problem related to noise pollution, requalification of existing building and environmental impact, paying particular attention to the development of all necessary procedures, to the compliance of local regulations and to the design and implementation of any intervention.
Our passion and professional collaboration with different types of business has fueled years of experience, making us grow constantly at the side of the entrepreneur in achieving legislative/regulatory objectives.

Our mission is to provide services of high technical quality with particular attention to the costs/benefits.

Zerosei is specialized in study, evaluation and research of the best solution regarding issues of noise and vibrations: as well as performing any kind of assessment of noise impact, we design and implement reclamation ad hoc.
We have state-of-the-art instrumentation to perform measurements of noise and long monitoring on a large scale.

With the experience of over ten years and union with professionals in the field, we offer every type of service inherent to construction: the presentation of any practice, rehabilitation of existing buildings (renovation) and new ones, with a great attention to saving energy, acoustic comfort and noise isolation.

A proper environmental impact assessment is a tool become necessary to reduce the costs of rehabilitation and above all to improve and increase one’s productivity. Pay close attention to these issues has become synonymous with excellence and quality of one’s products. We are working with businesses at every stage of the certification process and environmental quality in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Our experience and our technical/scientific knowledge allow us to offer a service of consultancy and research of the best solutions also turnkey.

We are always available for any request of assistance or technical advice.