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Environmental Impact

In order to improve the interaction of a company with the environment, both in terms of resource exploitation and in relation to the production of waste and polluting emissions, it is necessary that each firm has a proper environmental management.

Proper planning of the environmental impact by businesses and governments is essential in the modern era and closely related to our quality of life. For this reason, the environmental impact assessment is a technical and administrative tool for decision support required as a preliminary evaluation of the possible impact of a work or a project on the environment and on the citizenry.

To integrate considerations of environmental impact compared to other interests (typically socio-economic ) of plans and programs is the ex-ante strategic environmental assessment in relation to the legal principle of precaution.

Zerosei is able to support businesses and governments in compliance with the requirements of the law relating to the environment with the preparation of the necessary documentation in order to obtain permits or licenses, as well as site inspections and verifications of technical documentation in accordance with company deadlines.

Sustainable development “is a development that meets the needs of current generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own” (Brudtland Report, 1987)

Technical Manager: Eng. Fabio Testoni