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Building and Architecture

We are able to provide any service inherent energy savings in buildings: from bioclimatic design to evaluation, also forecasting, of energy efficiency, with design of interventions to improve energy efficiency and drafting of energy performance (EPC) and qualification (EQC) certificate, including the whole process for building energy requalification – tax deduction of 65% ECOBONUS (extended to 31st December 2014).

We also handle civil and industrial architectural design, preservation and redevelopment of building envelopes and architectural restoration, including design of temporary installations. We are also able to execute projects on a regional scale (landscape architecture) through environmental planning and landscape protection.

In addition to designing, Zerosei provides full assistance to the construction site and the implementation of the work with: production of reliefs at any scale, from individual buildings to large areas (topographic); production of estimated metric calculation and accounting revision; architectural, structural and plant construction management, including structural calculation and analysis of buildings; coordination of site safety both under development and during works.

We also design any object of interior design, simple and complex furnishing.

Technical Manager: Archt. Beatrice Fei