"Zerosei takes care of your environment"

Central themes of our interest are the quality of life and harmony with the environment. Improve the environmental impact means first of all improve our conditions of life and work: this principle guides us in all our projects and implementation. In years Zerosei works on solving problems of noise and environmental pollution due to the extensive experience of a pool of skilled technicians constantly regulatory updated, and it’s able to meet the needs of customers with development of "custom-made" projects. We are specialized in finding the best solution concerning any issue of noise and vibrations (phonometric surveys of noise measurements and vibration measurements), we perform all kinds of noise impact assessment, design and build ad hoc reclamations. In compliance with regulatory requirements we follow each stage to obtain environmental and quality certifications. We offer any service concerning construction, submission of any practice, recovery of existing buildings (renovation) and new buildings, with a great attention to energy saving, acoustic comfort and noise isolation.


The experience gained over the years, together with highly skilled employees, enables us to offer consulting services in environmental and construction sectors and in project of sound and vibration issues.


Zerosei boasts a portfolio with a number of major clients (Eni, Saipem, Ferrari …). Our goal has always been to provide high quality technical services ensuring a perfect proportion between costs and benefits.


Our company operates and has customers all over the European and Mediterranean territory. The current headquarters is located in the north of Italy, nearby Bologna. We also have a branch in Florence in the region of Tuscany.

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